Why Work with Us

As a professional speaker, Tyler has had the privilege to spend over 5000 hours speaking to live audiences in the last 8 years. This experience has left him with one overwhelming mission: provide value to his listeners in a way that is both educational and entertaining. He accomplishes this by sharing extremely practical content in a lively and engaging fashion. If you are looking for a dynamic speaker for your next event, we look forward to talking with you.


What Makes us Different:

ENGAGEMENT: Whether it’s a 30 minute speech or a full day workshop, Tyler presents each program without the use of written notes or PowerPoint. By using this unique approach, it ensures the highest level of audience engagement and interaction. Ultimately this creates an organized, yet conversational flow to the training that results in maximum value being delivered to the participants.

RELEVANCE: Our philosophy on presenting is that its not enough to just tell an entertaining story, share interesting facts about a topic, give a motivational speech, or talk about your own success in a certain area of life. Therefore, the content in each one of our programs has been meticulously developed with the participant in mind. You won’t find a lot of “fluff” in our trainings, but you will find an abundance of actionable, practical, and to the point value.

EXPERIENCE: Tyler has been a professional speaker since 2012. As such he has been privileged to speak at over 1000 live events for a variety of audiences around the world. He currently averages 125 events per year, using each one as an opportunity to hone his skills and ultimately deliver more value to his audiences. Speaking is not just something we do as a part of our business, or use to promote other products, it is our business. If you are seeking a “sure thing” for your next meeting or event, then look no further.

ACCESSIBILITY: As of April 2020, all of our programs are available for in-person, hybrid, or virtual events, with content that has been customized for each format. We also understand that a large part of accessibility is linked to pricing. With that in mind, we have created a variety of options when it comes to speaking fees and applicable travel expenses in order to make our services affordable for almost any event.

RELATABILITY: Often meeting planners worry about hiring a speaker who is not relatable to their audience. We have solved this problem by approaching all of our content in a way that it focuses on the participants, not the speaker. All of our trainings are grounded in principles that are realistic, based on actual experience, easily applied, yet produce major impact to overall results.

PROFESSIONALISM: Our business is set up to make the process of working with us exceptionally easy and uncomplicated. From the initial contact, Amanda Sebastiani, our speaker coordinator, is fully available to help with all scheduling and administrative needs. This in turn allows Tyler to be fully available to our clients to discuss and clarify any details in regards to the presentation itself. Our process is simple, our communication is prompt, and we offer full accessibility before, throughout, and after your event.


Would you like to schedule Tyler for your event? Do you have a question?

Amanda Sebastiani
Speaker Coordinator


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