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What our clients are saying

“Tyler Enslin is a very dynamic presenter! His friendly demeanor easily translated to active audience participation. Tyler taught new techniques for memorization in a fast-paced and engaging manner that had everyone bouncing with energy. We were all able to demonstrate success in the technique immediately. I’d really enjoy seeing him again!”

Shirley LaVergne, MPI THCC

“We really enjoyed having Tyler Enslin speak at the 2017 Texas Education Conference hosted by the Texas Hill Country Chapter of Meeting Professionals International. His session was packed to capacity. The topic of ‘Mastering Your Memory’ is one both meeting planners and suppliers struggle with on a daily basis. Tyler’s delivery on the topic was humorous and full of tools each of us could take home and use in our professional and personal lives. I plan on contracting him for a future veterinary conference and I know several planners who attended his session are looking to do the same.”

Ellen Forsythe, Ellen Forsythe • TX Veterinary Medical Association

The session that Tyler Enslin presented at our recent CUPA HR chapter meeting on Achievement Now! was a wonderful opportunity for self-reflection for our participants.  I was pleased that the session was very interactive and the focus was more on ourselves than on words from a PowerPoint presentation.  Tyler left us with the skills for developing goals and seeing them through. I would highly recommend him to other CUPA HR chapters!

CUPA HR Eastern PA:

“Tyler Enslin was a featured speaker at this year’s Staff Day, a gathering for all employees of the Prince George’s County Memorial Library System.  Tyler’s presentation was on Achievement Now and Impact Listening and the attendees at his session gave him very high marks, in fact the highest of any of our speakers that day.  His talk resonated with our employees because it touches on the heart of libraries, customer service.  I would highly recommend him for any other library system who wants to inspire their staff to higher levels of customer service.”

Jeff Naftal, Director of Human Resources, Prince George’s County Memorial Library Systems

Wow! I have booked many keynote speakers for different events and had much success, but I cannot remember a time when people were still talking about a speaker two and three days later. Tyler made a significant impression on our group and truly enhanced the overall feel of our conference. As the opening keynote, he delivered a high-energy talk that engaged our audience while providing education in a fun learning environment. People came out of that session buzzing with excitement. Tyler closed our conference that week with the same valuable education, excitement, and energy. Our satisfaction rates were the best we’ve seen in a long time, and we will be inviting Tyler to speak at our events again in the near future.

Matt Streeter, HFMA Wisconsin

“When I was approached by our education committee to consider Tyler Enslin for our closing keynote, I was skeptical.  Needing a “sure thing” for our conference, I wasn’t sure about the selection.  After experiencing his session at our conference, I am a fan!  I would love to attend a longer session in the future, and learn more.  That is always a sign of a great speaker.  I find I am already using the techniques he shared with us, and they ARE WORKING!  Take it from someone who almost passed on the opportunity to have him “close” our conference.  Tyler Enslin is a great keynote speaker and educator.  We laughed, we learned, and we would recommend Tyler highly!!”

Estelle Welte, HFMA South Carolina

“VA State AAHAM had a Chapter meeting on September 23rd and we had an outstanding presentation that I would like to share with you for consideration at your local chapter and /or next ANI. The speaker was Tyler Enslin from Direct Development Training.  His presentation was on “Mastering your Memory”.  I can honestly say he was funny, kept the audience engaged and was very informative. I think you will get positive feedback from what his presentation.”

Brenda Chambers, AAHAM

“Tyler Enslin was entertaining and informative at the same time. A nice break from the business content of the program.  He provided useful information for both my personal and professional life!”

HFMA Georgia

Excellent – very interactive/engaged audience
Could have listened to this speaker longer
Would like to see him again
I really enjoyed this presentation, it was a very important topic to me personally, wish it would have had more time allotted. Great info especially as the chapter sets goals to involve younger members. Would love to see a follow up!
Exceptional!! Could have been longer 🙂
Great speaker and engaging with all
Thank you, I am writing my goals, planning, activating my plan. Now.
Needed more time. He was very good!
Great speaker

“It did not take me long to recognize Tyler’s innate ability to engage his audience with his comfortable but professional approach to a very necessary part of any business—enhancing client relations. It has been my pleasure to personally introduce Tyler to a number of my business contacts, as the consistent feedback includes praises of his dynamic personality and caring attitude to help others succeed. Tyler is a phenomenal instructor, great listener, and a wonderful asset to your organization.”

Doris J. Hall-Scheeler, Lakeside Title Company

The training exceeded my expectations and felt I picked up some easy to use techniques that will help with my memory. Overall, very well done!“Tyler is genuine, with great knowledge and instructional techniques. He is also extremely friendly and shows a caring attitude towards each one of us!”

“Tyler is genuine, with great knowledge and instructional techniques. He is also extremely friendly and shows a caring attitude towards each one of us!”

“Tyler is energetic, engaging, and dynamic! He keeps the class interested and enthused. I feel eager to begin several of the techniques learned! Tyler uses elements of humor, has a genuine smile, and makes you feel worthy. Thank you again!”

“I’ve enjoyed Tyler’s classes more than any other class I have taken in the 20 years I have been at the University. I definitely recommend him and his programs to others!”


I would highly recommend Tyler as a speaker and presenter for future programs. The evaluation results for Tyler’s presentation were outstanding. Our members were actively engaged throughout the session due to Tyler’s interactive presentation style and his dynamic speaking ability. I received numerous comments regarding Tyler’s use of a variety of techniques that kept them engaged while providing helpful tools to impact their professional lives.

Rachel Collier, CPSM

Tyler was a very hands-on and wonderful presenter. He engaged with each member of the group and had us actively participate during the session. This interaction and hands-on learning definitely helped drive home the points he was trying to get across to his audience.

Michael Knowle, CPSM

Yesterday’s program was FANTASTIC!  I really enjoyed the topic and Tyler was a great presenter. I am definitely implementing some of the tools I learned yesterday. I am sure I will not be the only one you hear from with great things to say. I would love to see him again at a future education session. I did my gratitude list on the way to work today and I plan to write out some goals this weekend.

Nichole McGuire, Director of Marketing, Gaudreau Architects in Baltimore, Maryland

If you’re looking for a refreshingly effective and engaging presenter for your event, then Tyler is your guy.  The very first Tyler Enslin workshop I attended was casual, with friends on a Saturday.  I knew immediately that his material and presentation style would be a hit at my company.  Since then, I’ve hired him to teach all three of his workshops for my sales team and the reps are thrilled every time he’s on the agenda.  More than one team member commented that we learn more from a couple hours with Tyler than we do in several days of training with other vendors.  When you combine all that with the fact that Tyler and Amanda are a pleasure to do business with and they make every transaction easy, inviting Tyler to our events is a no brainer!

Latisha Rendon, Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.

“Thank you for the terrific Mastering your Memory course!! I absolutely loved the program – the way it progressed, at which points you had us practice, the time we had to practice at the key points, and, ultimately, the effectiveness of the tools you taught us. I used my body files the rest of the week to remember things I had to do in the morning before leaving home, and it worked like a charm! Incredible!  And life changing!”

Joanna C, Johns Hopkins University

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