Remaining Positive in Times of Crisis

Beginning in March of 2020 the word “crisis” took on new meaning for billions of people. For most a global pandemic meant unprecedented challenges in relation to their careers, personal life, finances, relationships, and even physical and mental health. These issues were magnified when restrictions that were expected to last for a few weeks lingered on for over a year. This highly interactive program has been specifically designed to help participants to navigate these unique challenges as well as to reflect on personal lessons learned from the experience. Thus the content has been customized to impact both career and personal aspects of life. Attendees will learn strategies that can help them to control stress levels, build habits to promote growth, and focus on opportunities. As the world collectively works towards a return to “normal,” we know that even during relatively good times, stress, challenges, and crises are often a part of life. Therefore although this training is framed through the lens of a global pandemic, we have carefully designed the content to be applicable to virtually any crisis that participants may face in the future.

Discover 3 keys to manage mindset and reduce stress
Create positive habits to promote personal growth
Learn specific techniques to stay focused and productive during challenging times
Create individual action items to maximize opportunities

Targets all audience levels
Flexible timing


Tyler Enslin has presented for HFMA Maryland at two separate Annual Conferences. Both “Mastering Your Memory” and most recently “Remaining Calm in Times of Crisis” were very well received by our membership. Tyler conveys life skills with a touch of humor that keeps the audience engaged while learning valuable information for use in personal/work lives. I’m sure we’ll use him again in the future.
-India Suter – HFMA Maryland Board Sponsorship Chair

“I have had the opportunity to work with Tyler in both a live and virtual event setting. He was equally engaging of the audience in both formats, which is no small task to do virtually. His points resonated with the audience in a meaningful way, offering them tangible take aways. I highly recommend Tyler for your next event!”
-Celisia Street – Homecare Association of NY State:

I felt like this webinar was similar to having a conversation with a co-worker or friend. I
appreciated that he repeated key points and asked for audience feedback.
Member – Iowa Organization of Nurse Leaders

Fantastic presentation! Tyler speaks to you, directly. I feel more motivated to conquer and
achieve my goals with his simple steps and reminders. Thank you!
Member – Iowa Organization of Nurse Leaders

The topic worked out great for a virtual gathering, and Tyler was very nimble and adaptive in a virtual environment. It can be difficult making a connection with people via technology, but he is clearly a pro. He was so comfortable and approachable through the screen, and he was able to solicit engagement from practically everyone on the call. I think at the most we had 35 people online, and he made the conversation feel effortless. It truly felt like a group discussion rather than a presentation, and our attendees really appreciated that interaction. All in all it was an excellent learning experience, and we would love to host Tyler again in the future! Hopefully in person next time!
Emma Fox, CREW Philly

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