Presenters – Enhance Your Skills

We all know the positive impact that a highly skilled presenter can have on a meeting, training, or presentation. They can take a seemingly bland topic and make it compelling, turn a simple question into an intriguing group discussion, or use an objection to uncover a valuable lesson. We also know that when a presenter is lacking skills, it can create the opposite effect. Even the most relevant topics can somehow seem less interesting, and content that should engage and captivate the audience often falls flat. In this highly interactive training, presenters will learn specific skills that can help them to connect with their audience, create meaningful participation, remain organized, handle challenging participants, and deliver maximum value. If you facilitate trainings, lead meetings, give lectures, or deliver interactive presentations, the principles in this workshop will enhance your skills. Tyler Enslin, the speaker for this program, has facilitated well over 1000 trainings in a variety of settings, for audiences around the world. He draws on this experience to help participants gain as much practical value as possible from this session.

Determine the specific characteristics of successful presenters
Understand how implementing 7 essential skills can impact the overall ability and effectiveness of a speaker or facilitator
Learn a 7 step process that can be done before, during, and after each training/meeting to ensure that maximum value is delivered to participants
Discuss 5 types of challenging participants, what the behavior of each type is driven by, and specific techniques to handle each one

Targets all audience levels
Best as 60-90 minute presentation or half day workshop


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