Achievement Now – Elevate Your Success

There seems to be an overwhelming amount of content and speakers available on the subjects of achievement and success. Yet according to Inc. Magazine, 92% of individuals who set yearly goals fail to reach them. Clearly a fresh approach is needed. In this program, Achievement Now – Elevate Your Success, we deliver that approach in a way that is unique, applicable, and engaging.
One major advantage of this training is that it is extremely participant focused. While many speakers on the subject of personal growth share their own stories in an attempt to motivate the audience, this program focuses completely on the individual attendees. We have found that people are much more excited and action oriented when they focus on their own goals and their potential to reach them, instead of solely hearing about someone else’s achievements.
Additionally in this program, we specifically aim to educate, not motivate. While there can be some benefit from motivational speakers, sustainable personal change takes more than just motivation. This session delivers the education necessary to help participants create permanent habits to drive achievement.
Finally this session is highly interactive. As with all of our trainings, Tyler delivers this program using no written notes or PowerPoint presentation. By doing this, it ensures a high level of audience engagement for all of the activities, exercises, and discussions included in this session. Ultimately this creates an organized, yet conversational flow to the training that results in maximum value being delivered to the participants.

Understand the actual reason why so many people fail to reach their goals
Create meaningful individual goals
Learn 4 simple habits that can be implemented immediately to drive achievement
Discover actionable keys to a productive mindset
Define the features of an energizing goal
Develop individual action steps to begin the achievement process

Targets all audience levels
Best as 60-90 minute presentation or half day workshop
No A/V needs


“Yesterday’s program was FANTASTIC! I really enjoyed the topic, and Tyler was a great presenter. I am already implementing the tools that I learned yesterday.” – Nicole McGuire – Director of Marketing, Gaudreau Architects
“highly recommend for anyone who wants to inspire their staff to higher levels”
“variety of techniques kept us engaged while providing helpful tools to impact our professional lives”
“very interactive and I loved that the focus was more on ourselves than on words from a PowerPoint presentation”
“provided information everyone needs in an entertaining manner”
“wonderful opportunity for self-reflection”

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